Tonight: The Wire Pilot

TVI mentioned that I wanted to see The Wire. I had always heard good things, but I've read a couple of articles recently that made me realize this was my kind of show.

Thanks to Andrew, who some of you may know from the comments, I have borrowed all five seasons on DVD. I can't wait to dive in, starting tonight. In fact, I haven't been this psyched about starting a new show since I joined The Sopranos ruckus a couple of seasons in.

I've got 60 episodes to burn through, so periodically I'll post my progress and thoughts on this blog. Tonight: The Pilot.

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Mike Kic

This is the show my friend, the first couple of episodes are good....but it's all about episode 3, that's where you get caught in it and can't put it down!

March 9, 2009 @ 8:50 PM

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