Cash 4 Gold Pays to Bury the Negative Blog Entries

MoneyHere in Toronto, we've had Russell Oliver's schlocky ads shoved in our faces for decades. He's the guy who wants to buy your used jewellery, calls himself the Cashman or Loan Arranger, and works out of Oliver Jewellery on Eglinton Avenue West. We expect him to offer well below fair market value, because that's how these pawn shop-type businesses operate.

In the US, there's a company called Cash 4 Gold who recently made a splash with an ad during the Super Bowl. A blogger wrote about someone's bad experience with Cash 4 Gold and that negative review started to rank very highly when people Googled Cash4Gold or Cash 4 Gold. This, as you can imagine, concerned the pr folks at Cash 4 Gold.

They actually tried to pay the blogger to remove the highly ranking entry or edit it so it ranked lower or wasn't as negative. Others with highly ranking negative articles took the few thousand dollars and changed the web page. This particular blogger at didn't play along.

I can relate to this story, because I happen to rank very highly for a brand name and my highly ranking entry is completely negative. Try Googling for Prima TV or Prima Television. #1 with a bullet is My Prima Television Nightmare. As you can tell from the title, it's not a rave review, and 375 comments back up my claims.

The gang at Prima is well aware of my entry, as you can imagine. I've caught them writing phony positive comments, I've had emails from the boss over there and dozens of unhappy Prima customers have used my entry when negotiating with Prima or the outlet that sold them their faulty Prima.

Prima has never offered me money to take my page off line the way Cash 4 Gold does. I'm betting it's not because Prima has too much integrity, but more likely because they don't care about their reputation. As a recent commenter pointed out, even their on-line support page has been broken for weeks.

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July 17, 2009 @ 6:08 AM

Jane Lau

This is an example of why it is still worth reading forums and posts, the internet becomes so clogged up these days its nice to read a news worthy post once in a while. Regards,

February 2, 2010 @ 12:51 AM

Cash for Gold Toronto

They say: "Mail us your gold and we'll send you back the cheque." First of all this process takes time. Second, why would anyone sell anything to someone without knowing exactly how much one gets? It's just the hype, and of course people get disappointed in the end.

I buy gold at Bathurst and Bloor (Toronto Gold.) My clients sit in front of me and see the testing process, they see how much their gold weighs, I give them a price that no one else gives because it's my business how much I pay - not some manager's in U.S. I always ask how much the client was looking to get, and most of the time we come to an agreement that suits both. I pay cash on the spot.

When looking to sell your gold go to local shops. Find the nearest or just come to Bathurst station and walk about a hundred meters south, past Honest Ed's. That's where I sit inside of Willow Books store.

April 21, 2010 @ 1:17 PM


Well, in our case the poisoned reputation of the gold buying industry in Toronto is the basis of our success. After sensing the near-universal disgust amongst the public in the GTA with 'established' gold buyers we founded The Gold Gurus and our only advantage is that we are honest.
We have nothing special to offer other than cash for the honest price of scrap gold, a phone number (1-800-298-5365), and reliability. It doesn't take a lot to stand out as an honest broker when everyone is expecting you to humiliate and cheat like Oliver for the last twenty years!

Honesty translates into cash for the first time :)

May 16, 2010 @ 8:09 AM

Alex Titriano

No matter how encouraging the money may be, if you take down the article, more and more people will continue to get screwed. Google recently changed their algorithm to incorporate bad reviews. So if Google crawls to many bad reviews from one website, you will be reduced in the rankings and possibly even banned for good!

Awesome recap of the situation Mike.

February 23, 2011 @ 5:06 PM

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