Michael Power Baseball Juggernaut

baseballI was reading the Toronto Star sports section last night when I came across the city's high school baseball team rankings. At the top of that list, ranked #1, is Michael Power / St. Joseph's High School, my alma matter.

This isn't a new phenomena. When I was attending the school in the early 90s, we were always ranked in the top ten, often #1. I've always loved playing baseball, so in my final year I tried out for the team.

It didn't take long to realize these players were in a different class. Many had scholarships to play in the States after graduation. At least one would be drafted by a major league team. They could all hit a ton, throw bullets and it all seemed to come so naturally to them. Meanwhile, I was pouring my heart into the game and, although I didn't stick out like a sore thumb, I didn't survive the final round of cuts.

A few months later I was somewhat validated when that team won the Bob Prentice Cup at SkyDome, making Michael Power / St. Joseph's High School the GTA baseball champs. If you're gonna get cut, it's best to be cut by the cream of the crop.

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Very useful information, we are trying to figure out what high school to send our son to. He is in grade seven and plays on a house league and rep team, he loves baseball!


April 30, 2009 @ 2:56 PM

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