Starting the Weekend Off Right

raptorsCarlos Delfino had 24 points and Chris Bosh scored 21 plus nine rebounds as the host Toronto Raptors cruised to a 113-85 victory over the New Jersey Nets on Friday night. The win officially eliminated Vince Carter and the Nets from the post-season.

It was about a year ago I wrote this open letter to Vince Carter. No other professional athelete upsets me the way Carter does. Hit up that entry if you want to read what I said to the former Raptor star.

Hey Vince, ain't karma a bitch?

Vince Sprains Ankle

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hey Mike, I haven't written anything to you in a while. But everytime i see you write about Carter i get this uncontrollable itch to type .... i have held off til now.

I breathed a contented sigh of relief when i saw that happen.

So Vince leaves Toronto because they're not winning and he goes to Jersey ... where they're not winning ... and now Toronto is doing great!

okay. Let's give Ms. Carter the benefit of the doubt. He had no help in Toronto, right?

No centre, no PF, no reliable PG ... okay. But in Jersey he has Jefferson, he HAD an all-world PG in Kidd - whom Carter helped piss off enough to make him leave - and plenty more serviceable talent ... and still they lost.

So the Nets, after Kidd left, tried to pin their misfortunes on the pall that Kidd's "negative" attitude caused ... and for a while it was almost believable. ALMOST. Until they reverted to their old selves.

I'm not an overly hateful or vengeful person but if there's one athlete I enjoy watching crash & burn, it's Wince Carter.

The same issues that plagued him in T-Dot are plaguing him now: his poor attitude, his seeming lack of caring for anything but his own stats (even though his flapping gums say otherwise), his lack of mental toughness, his lack of physical toughness .... it's a broken record. And Raptors fans look at Nets fans and say "we told you so!"

When we got eliminated by the Nets in last year's playoff run i was so SO angry that I almost bashed the TV .... of the person whom I was staying with during vacations!

Here is a team that is trying their hearts out. Who want to WIN and do something positive and this Nets team with ONE worthy superstar (Kidd) simply coast to their next matchup where they fall in a limp display of garbage ball. I cried a little the day we were eliminated (really) because it wasn't the most deserving team that moved on.

Vince "wah-wah" Carter is the perfect example of unlimited talent and potential WASTED because of big head and a sense of entitlement.

April 17, 2008 @ 2:43 PM

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