Maple Leafs 1, Canadiens 3

LeafsAnd so ends another season of recapping every Leafs game, something I've been doing now for five seasons. During the lockout I even recapped every St. Johns game. In five years I believe this is the only eastern time game I didn't peek at or check the score once until the following morning. I chose chair assembly and Planet Terror instead of a Leafs ~ Habs game on Hockey Night in Canada. That tells you where the passion that unites us all is at right now.

Mark Fucking Bell. He scored again last night. He's the epitome of what's wrong with this team. The GM wanted him, rumour has it Gilmour convinced JFJ that Bell was a great score, personal and legal issues aside, he was a waste of space on the ice when he wasn't suspended or injured. Sure, two goals in a couple of garbage games doubled his season output to a whopping and impressive 4 goals, but he still had a spot on this roster. He was still worthy of wearing the blue and white in NHL contests. He won me a bet, but gave me an ulcer. I'd gladly cough up $50 to regain my dignity, my self respect, a little pride.

Now begins the summer Maple Leaf endless chatter about who will be the new GM (Brian Burke), will Mats Sundin return (no) will the Leafs sign a great free agent (no), will the Leafs draft a future all-star (no), will Paul Maurice return (no) and will the Leafs win the cup in 2008/09 (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!).

How long will it last? How long before that empty feeling fades away? Won't somebody heal my broken heart?

Current Record  Last Games Season Leaders
83 points
12th in Conference
3-1 Loss vs. Montreal
8-2 Loss vs. Ottawa
4-3 Loss vs. Buffalo
M. Sundin - 78
N. Antropov - 56
T. Kaberle - 53

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