A Good Mover Am I

boxI just know this is going to be one of those entries I regret writing, but what the heck. I am a good mover.

First and foremost, I'm dependable. If you say Saturday morning at 8am, I'm there. Dependability is key.

I'm also efficient. I don't need breaks, I aim to finish early. Lay down the game plan and I'll execute it effectively. And that game plan? I'm good at that, too. I can manage the entire move, deciding who does what and how to do it so it makes the most sense.

My brother is moving tomorrow and I've been called into action. I even get to be the truck driver because my 31 year old bro hasn't got around to getting his license yet. To Ryan's credit, he was smart enough to call the best mover he knows.

I'm a very good mover.

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