mlb762 will be the answer to a common trivia question. That question, of course, is "what's the most home runs hit in a major league career?"

No team will touch Barry Bonds. He's been blacklisted as a steroid user and perjurer. Quite frankly, it looks good on him. He finished last season with 762 career dingers and that's where he'll stay.

I'll have no problem memorizing this number for future editions of Trivial Pursuit as it's the start of my childhood telephone number back in the days before we had to dial the area code for local calls.

Not that he deserves the exposure, but here's more Toronto Mike ramblings about Barry Bonds.

I miss the days when my heroes were disgraced for accepting money from boosters while in college. Those were far more innocent times.

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Jason | GetYourOJ.com

I have some food for thought on this..

If the man is found guilty, would/should his record stay in tact?

Ben Johnson's metals went to Carl Lewis officially(did they not?), but I know the Olympics are a whole other ball game.

However, I'm asking the sports fans out there, should Bonds' records now be subjected to a similar fate?


p.s. Why does US congress never seem to follow up when it comes to drug use in wrestling? Note that another wrestler was found dead this week.

March 28, 2008 @ 9:25 AM

Toronto Mike

Heck, they had Ben's medals stripped from his neck so fast the poor guy's neck is still spinning.

I guess this all comes down to proof. If there's proof Bonds took steroids during a period when that was an actual banned substance by Major League Baseball, then they should delete homers hit during that period.

As for wrestling, it's different because, and I hate to break this to you, it's not real. It's scripted, it's not a sport. That makes it a whole different ball of wax.

March 28, 2008 @ 9:40 AM

Jason | GetYourOJ.com

I agree with your answer..

As for wrestling.. I wasn't introducing it to this topic of discussion because I thought it was a legit sport..

What's not fake about wrestling is the number of deaths, the lifestyle, the drug use, and the fact that there should be an INDEPENDANT body that tests these athlete/entertainers.

March 28, 2008 @ 2:59 PM

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