Maple Leafs 2, Penguins 6

LeafsThis was a close game heading into the third period. Then, in a 48 second splurge, the Pens scored three times on Scott Clemmensen, handing him his first loss as a Leaf.

This is our seventh loss in nine games. Mats Sundin is still playing awesome and I hope JFJ is listening to all offers.

<rant>I heard Howard Berger assess the Leafs at the halfway point in this season. At 16-17-8, he said we're only a game under .500. Berger has bought into The Great NHL Deception. Our beloved Maple Leafs, sadly, are not a game under .500. We've won 16 games and we've lost 25 games. I wish we were a game under .500.</rant>

Current Record  Last Games Season Leaders
40 points
5th in Northeast
6-2 Loss vs. Pittsburgh
4-3 Win vs. Tampa Bay
6-1 Loss vs. New York Rangers
M. Sundin - 46
N. Antropov - 35
T. Kaberle - 27

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Well, back in the land before they killed a whole season, they had things called tie games I think...

If the Leafs had 8 ties instead of OTL+SOL I suppose you could make the argument they were a game under .500.

SOL sounds like our the chances of making the playoffs...

January 4, 2008 @ 10:47 AM

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