When Humour Hurts

googledSometimes I forget that with great power comes great responsibility. As I alluded to yesterday, I've done a number of things intentionally so that I rank highly in Google for topics I write about. Sometimes this isn't such a good thing.

Back in 2004, like many kids who grew up with the Star Wars trilogy, I was anticipating Revenge of the Sith. I wrote this entry I entitled Battered Wife Syndrome. I can have a warped sense of humour at times, and I was drawing a parallel between sufferers of Battered Wife Syndrome and fans of the original Star Wars trilogy. George Lucas had abused me with "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones" and I thought it could happen again, but I was going to give him another shot.

At the time I wrote that, it was for a few friends and family members and a smattering of web peeps who visited regularly. That entry is now on the first page when you Google battered wife syndrome and therefore gets lots of traffic from those actually looking for information on the syndrome or looking for help. People in that state don't find my entry particularly funny, in fact, it can be downright painful. Penny Lighthall, a recent commenter on that entry, says it best.

I am appalled that you would equate your disappointment in a movie plot with the extremely serious social problem of spousal abuse by titling this article battered wife syndrome. Can you not imagine how distressed a person trying to find information on this topic would be to come across this in their search and see how little regard you have for their suffering by making light of this problem. Shame on you.

She's right. I've added a comment linking to the battered person syndrome Wikipedia page so those who find my silly little entry can quickly click over for the valuable information they seek.

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