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wiiBoth kids got awfully spoiled yesterday. James got Transformers and Hot Wheels while Michelle got Baby Alive and Cinderella. As I sit here on Boxing Day, fresh from nine rounds of golf with James, it's pretty clear which present will bring the most joy to this household. That would be the Nintendo Wii.

As I've written before, I haven't owned a game console since the Super Nintendo, so I'm not what you kids would call a gamer. This Wii, however, is completely different. I set it up in minutes yesterday, and I even connected it to our wireless access point. With the Internet connection, it's not only a gaming console, it's an up-to-date weather and news channel that I control. There's even a version of the Opera web browser for this sucker I have to install so I can surf the web on this thing. Oh yeah, it plays video games as well.

We've been playing a lot of tennis, baseball and golf. James and I love playing the golf. Michelle is a little young to get into it all, but she has fun trying to bat in baseball and she seemed to enjoy bowling.

Here's a photoset from our Christmas. This being Boxing Day and all, it's time I tried the WiiSports boxing...

PC256638 PC256659 PC256634 PC256661

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