My Must See and Hear List

documentationMy mental "must see and hear" list is pretty short. There are two current movies I'm aching to see and one album I'm dying to hear.

I read plenty of movie reviews, even if I rarely catch a film while it's in theatres. There's one movie out there that has been consistently praised by critics like no other. Over and over again I saw "No Country for Old Men" top best of 2007 lists. I already love Coen brothers movies, and I know I'm going to love this one.

The other movie calling my name is "Juno". I love what I've read about "Juno" and think that's a tremendous cast. The CanCon is strong with this one and I'm a babysitter away from checking it out for myself.

On the music front, I keep reading about The National's Boxer. It topped several "best of" lists and Spin says "The National traffic in poignant moments of heartbreak and regret, but pain has rarely sounded so beautiful".

I want to hear that.

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