Letting Go Of The Past

mouseIn 1995, during the brief period I dated my wife, Taryn bought a Packard Bell computer from the University of Toronto computer store. She paid for it monthly, so I believe it cost us about $400,000 by the time it was all said and done. I say us because we married in January 1996 and this crappy Packard Bell computer with Windows 3.1 was part of the deal.

The PC itself is long gone, but I held onto the monitor. It worked, and I always felt we should have a 2nd monitor on stand by, especially back in the day when monitors were fairly pricey.

This thing sat in our basement forever, and last week I finally threw it out. I didn't even bother giving it to someone because I can't imagine someone being so desperate as to want a 12 year old 15 inch CRT.

Before the sanitary engineers came by to take her away, I snapped a couple of shots. At one point I recall it was an off-white before becoming a lovely tint of yellow.

Farewell Old Friend Out to Pasture

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The Toronto Traveler

I've still got one of those lying around as well...along with a dot matrix printer!

December 15, 2007 @ 4:33 PM

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