Don't Do It, J.P.

bluejaysYou've likely heard the rumour that J.P. Ricciardi is talking trade with the San Francisco Giants. The deal on the table is Alex Rios for Tim Lincecum, and that scares the crap out of me.

I realize the importance of pitching and that Lincecum is a solid prospect, but Alex Rios is young, awesome defensively, hits for power and even steals bases. He's still got great upside and was our only all-star last season. He's the kind of player I want to see patrolling right field at the diamond formerly known as Skydome for the next decade.

I know what Rios is and I know he's only getting better. Lincecum is one big maybe. The good news is this deal likely won't happen if the Giants trade for Hideki Matsui to replace Bonds instead. Let's hope that happens.

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Mike Kic


I know that many people don't like this trade, but I am one that does. Rios is a great player, but the only reason he was an all-star is because many Jays had off years last year. We have young outfield talent, like Wells, Lind and Travis Snider a year or two away. This is a wicked trade if we want to be a good team for years to come.

Plus I find that Rios is quite lazy in the outfield.....make the trade J.P!!

December 12, 2007 @ 12:59 PM

Mike (Buffalo Boy)

I am against it as well, I blogged on it a week or so ago, I would rather they trade a young pitcher or two and try to get better at Shortstop and third. Yes Third. I don't think Troy Glaus is all that anymore. I Think he would be so much better suited playing first as he is no where near as good defensively at third as he used to be and first would extend his career.
Trade Overbay and a young pitcher for some help at third and a shortstop.
Overbay is highly touted throughout the league and could probably get you more than you are asking if you approach the right team.

Rios is too valuable and has way too much upside. His laziness that you refer too is lankiness. Hes tall and doesnt look like hes going full speed because his stride is so long.

December 12, 2007 @ 10:05 PM


Count me in as a Rios backer.. but it looks like the signing of Aaron Rowand has killed any trade of Linecum. And memo to A.J. Burnett, please start pitching like the #2 man you're being paid like. Thanks.

December 13, 2007 @ 1:20 AM

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