Why Didn't You Vote?

voteExcluding the one-hit wonders, those who visit this site after Googling "running playlist" or "mp3 collection or whatever, the vast majority of people who visit this site live in Ontario. That's not surprising, I'm blabbing about very Toronto-centric stuff which loses its appeal the further you go from the GTA border. Most of you reading this right now are reading this from the province of Ontario.

I have a question for you. Why didn't you vote yesterday? Only 52.6 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot, a record low. Almost half of those who could, voted, and I'm curious as to why you'd just skip the entire event.

I'm not trying to shame you, I'm honestly just curious. Feel free to leave a comment as anonymous if you like. Why didn't you vote?

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I hated all the options.

October 11, 2007 @ 3:50 PM

Mike (Buffalo Boy)

If you dont vote dont bitch.

October 11, 2007 @ 9:19 PM


I didn't vote because I got a huge run around getting myself and my husband put on the voters list. (I moved in Aug) I called elections Ontario only to be told to call them back closer to the election date or my other option was to go online. I went online only to find that it would not accept the info and directed me to that same number I had called in the first place. It was just too frustrating ~ So I figured this was not a circle that my time was worth going around again and again. I am sure I am not the only person who went though this and just gave up also.

October 12, 2007 @ 9:40 AM


I voted. My friends / coworkers didn't vote because they're plain lazy. Or they think their vote doesn't matter. I know my vote *does* matter, despite the same guy winning year after year after year. Cause votes = funding for parties; Plus there was the referendum this year...

October 15, 2007 @ 11:29 AM


Hey SoccerMom, you can bring PROOF of your residency to the voting place the day OF the election, fill in a form (maybe 5 minutes to do) and then vote! That's what I did when I voted in my university riding the last ontario election, and it's what I did to get BACK in my own riding this year.

October 15, 2007 @ 11:30 AM

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