Tucker's Knee and Mississauga Mike's Analysis

LeafsBrace yourselves fellow Leafs fans, there's word at this hour that Darcy Tucker will be sidelined for an undetermined period of time with a knee injury. In typical Maple Leaf fashion, that's all the information we have right now. We don't know when Tucker hurt the knee, whether it's the reason he's been mediocre all season or which knee it is.

Wellwood's still not back, Tucker's out and the Leafs are blowing leads left, right and centre. Mississauga Mike cracked open Exel and crunched some numbers and here's what he shared with me yesterday.

The Leafs are currently the 13th place team for the total amount of points in the NHL. I wanted to explore further how many of those points they EARNED versus how many points they received for losing:

- TML tied for 13th place in the NHL for total points (8pts)
- TML is ranked 17th place in the NHL for total wins (3 wins)
- TML is tied for 27th place in the NHL with TOTAL losses (4 regulation, 2 OTL) OR more bluntly stated, they have the 2nd most losses in the NHL with 6 total losses.

And the kicker? The Leafs are tied for 6th place in the Eastern Conference, although they are bumped down to 9th on the rankings, still tied. So if there were no points awarded for losing in overtime, the Leafs would be ALOT worse at this stage and then maybe some red flags would go up in Leaf land.

Firstly Mississauga Mike, the red flags are fully erect. Swiss cheese defense will do that. Three teams in our division have played two less games, all but two of our games thus far have been at home, and we've only won 1/3 of 'em. We are definitely a worse team than our 9th place conference standing reveals.

We need a healthy Tucker, a healthy Wellwood and the hockey equivalent of Bryan Colangelo. We also need Sundin to become ten years younger, Pogge to blossom into a young Eddie Belfour and a reversal of the Kordic for Courtnall deal that haunts me to this day.

Where have you gone, Miroslav Frycer?

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Toronto Mike


TORONTO (AP) -- Darcy Tucker is out of the Toronto Maple Leafs' lineup indefinitely with ligament damage in his right knee.

The veteran right-winger said on Monday that he hurt the knee during the summer, but it was feeling better until he collided with a Chicago Blackhawk early in the third period of Toronto's 6-4 home loss Saturday.

He said an MRI exam on Sunday revealed "slight damage to some ligaments." He doesn't expect he'll need surgery.

"We don't know how extensive it is or how long is will take time-wise," he said after receiving treatment from team training staff Monday. "As of now, it's indefinite. Hopefully, I'll get a brace made and we'll see how it progresses from there."

Surgery is not expected, he said.

Tucker had one goal and four assists in the team's nine games.

October 22, 2007 @ 2:40 PM

Fredericton Steve

Is anyone really surprised that tucker is hurt? I could tell something wasn't right with him. He has hadn't had near the fire he usually brings when on the ice.

October 22, 2007 @ 10:16 PM

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