Maple Leafs 1, Capitals 7

LeafsThis anonymous note came through my contact form late last night. "Can't wait for your TML update tomorrow. Absolute SHIT in all respects, pardon my lingo. Go Raptors Go". That about sums it up.

It was humiliating. If our job was to make the Capitals look good, we succeeded, as five of them got their first goal of the season in this pathetic excuse for an NHL-calibre effort. When Alexander Ovechkin scored the goal to put the Caps up 6-1, I turned the game off. I simply couldn't stomach anymore. When the Leafs come home, things get bleak.

  • We've won only three times in nine games at home
  • This was our second 7-1 loss at home
  • We've allowed an NHL-high 51 goals this season
  • We can't blame this one on Bryan McCabe

And yes, I wrote "we". Deal with it.

Current Record  Last Games Season Leaders
13 points
3rd in Northeast
7-1 Loss vs. Washington
4-1 Win vs. NY Rangers
6-2 Win vs. Pittsburgh
M. Sundin - 19
N. Antropov - 15
J. Blake - 13

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Hey Mike,
I think in your score box it should be a 7-1 Loss vs Washington.

October 30, 2007 @ 9:23 AM


The slump killers strike again. If your team or players are slumping, mark the Toronto game on your calendar as the game the slump ends.

October 30, 2007 @ 9:46 AM


Look on the bright side. Raycroft and toskala both got hat tricks, and currently lead the team in goals.

October 30, 2007 @ 10:46 AM

Mike (Buffalo Boy)

Wow mike, that is the first time ive actually read a post and thought damn hes frustrated and pissed. usually you are level headed yet meaningful but I can see how you came out like that after a 7-1 trouncing like that.
Thank god I didnt start Vesa last night.

October 30, 2007 @ 8:59 PM

Toronto Mike

I'm just not in the mood for another season like the last two where we win a game, lose two, win two, get blown out 7-1, lose in overtime, win a game, lose another two, win another two, repeat.

It's a recipe for 8th - 11th place in the conference, and those seasons don't end with a parade.

Drastic changes are required. Everything of value should go so we can rebuild properly. It's going to hurt for a while, but then there's hope.

I'm sick and tired of things being so damn hopeless with my hockey team. Do I have to head over the the ACC and fire JFJ myself?

October 31, 2007 @ 9:01 AM


That's it Mike! Now you're talking! Now what you've got to do is join the movement. ('s not a movement yet, it's just me).
The Leafs won't change unless the fans force their hand. The only way to do it is to hit them where it hurts...their wallets. Time to cancel that Leaf's TV subscription and stop spending money on their tickets and merchanise. If This team is going to continually miss the playoffs, then I'd rather see them finish last for a few years and get some good picks (maybe even Tavares). They need to do this while Poggue is young enough to be part of it.

October 31, 2007 @ 12:10 PM

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