We're Not Going To Take It

musicAs sad as it is to admit this, I'm getting used to hearing my favourite tunes exploited to sell products. For a long time I had a serious issue with this and bitched every time an artist sold out. Now I'm okay with it so long as it's a fairly appropriate product and the original recording is used instead of some watered down cover by studio singers. I'm okay with it until I hear "Smells Like Teen Spirit" used in a deodorant commercial or Pearl Jam's "Wash" in a shampoo spot.

I just saw an ad for birth control using a re-worked girly version of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It". I know Dee Snider is an astute business man, but is this the right product and arrangement for his biggest hit? I cringed listening to the thing, and then I called my doctor about alternative oral contraceptives.

The video for "We're Not Gonna Take It" was killer and totally made by Mark Metcalf's performance in the intro as the abusive dad. Metcalf went on to create another stellar character, The Maestro, but here he is in the role that first made him famous.

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