Troy Glaus Buys Nandrolone and Testosterone and I Miss O-Dog

blue jaysI never liked Troy Glaus as a Blue Jay. It's not that I don't like Troy Glaus, it's that I loved Orlando Hudson at 2nd for the Jays. Orlando Hudson was the best 2nd baseman to play in this city since Roberto Alomar and I hated giving him up for another bat.

It's being reported today that Troy Glaus received both nandrolone and testosterone from a pharmacy in Florida between September 2003 and May 2004. Those are banned substances he allegedly ordered over the internet. We'll see what the fallout of this will be, but something smells rotten.

Not only was the O-Dog selected to this year's All-Star game, but he's batting .294 and still winning Gold Gloves. He'd sure look good in a Blue Jays uniform. Sigh...

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