Ranking the 2007/2008 NHL Logos

nhlThe 2007/2008 regular season is underway and the Leafs play their first game on Wednesday night against our good buddies from Ottawa Kanata. Since I was waxing nostalgic about the old Blue Jays logo yesterday, I thought I'd kick off this NHL season by ranking the current NHL team logos from best to worst.

The opinions expressed are strictly those of Toronto Mike. Reader discretion is advised.

1 - Toronto Maple Leafs

tor- Lengendary iconic symbol
- Solid blue and white
- God's team

2 - Chicago Blackhawks

chi- Named after the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion of the 86th Infantry Division during World War I
- A classic beaut
- The best logo not belonging to God's team

3 - Montreal Canadiens

mon- Historic rivals, but a great logo
- Classic red, white and bleu
- Drenched in success (argh!)

4 - New York Rangers

nyr- Another original six, another great logo
- More clasic red, white and blue
- Conn Smythe's chip on the shoulder

5 - Detroit Red Wings

det- Another oldie but goldie
- The big red machine
- Motor city wheels of steel

6 - Dallas Stars

dal- Simple, but smart
- My favourite of the newbies
- It's good to be green

7 - St. Louis Blues

stl- Another simple but smart logo
- Named for the W. C. Handy song "St. Louis Blues"
- Blue is best

8 - Boston Bruins

bos- My least favourite of the original six
- Still a great logo
- Looks great in the video for "Courage"

9 - Calgary Flames

cgy- This logo was so strong, it survived a move from Atlanta
- From the Civil War to the Battle of Alberta
- Simple, but slick and timeless

10 - Philadelphia Flyers

phi- Not much of a nickname, but a good colour scheme
- 70s succcess gives integrity to the brand
- If the Flyers were to change this logo, we'd all go ape-shit

11 - Edmonton Oilers

edm- Memories of glory days
- Check out the web 2.0 mirror effect on the font
- As a young man, this was my favourite team, for obvious reasons

12 - Minnesota Wild

min- The only non-Leafs paraphernalia I own is a Wild tee shirt
- Fantastic colour scheme
- Collegiate look and feel for additional coolness

13 - New Jersey Devils

njd- Simple and practical
- It just works
- Not a logo you want to face in the playoffs

14 - Atlanta Thrashers

atl- Of all the Johnny-come-lately teams, this is the best logo
- This bird is pretty intimidating, for a bird
- Not bad for the middle of the pack

15 - Colorado Avalanche

col- Sakic, Forsberg and Roy will make a logo look better than it is
- Nice colours, recognizable icon
- I miss the Nordiques

16 - Florida Panthers

fla- This panther looks tough, but could he take on the thrasher?
- 14 years of life and only the rats are scared
- Otherwise not particularly memorable

17 - Pittsburgh Penguins

pit- I think this one is living on fumes of better times
- Likely got it's name because they play in the Igloo
- It's a freakin' cartoon penguin, Crosby oughta sue

18 - Tampa Bay Lightning

tam- There are worse logos than this one
- Lightning is pretty scary
- The font is pretty weak

19 - Ottawa Senators

ott- Yes I dislike this team, but that's not why they're ranked this low
- For proof of the above, check out who's #3
- The logo is okay, but not particularly inspiring or memorable or special

20 - San Jose Sharks

san2- Rode the teal wave to popularity in the early 90s
- The original shark was black, much better
- Still scarier than a seal

21 - Vancouver Canucks

van- This franchise changes their logo so often, it's hard to get used to one
- This orca logo is a blatant ad for Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment and that's pretty gross
- Bring back the stick!

22 - Carolina Hurricanes

car- Hurricanes are scary, but maybe a little too scary
- This logo isn't bad, but it's a bit busy... just try doodling it during history
- I miss the Whalers

23 - Columbus Blue Jackets

cob- What's so civil about war anyway?
- If you didn't know who this logo belonged to, would you guess it in a million years?
- Oh say can you see...

24 - Los Angeles Kings

los- Should we be afraid of this scary looking crown?
- Went from looking like the Lakers to looking like the Raiders to looking like crap
- It's a crown, only one thing is less intimidating than a crown...

25 - Anaheim Ducks

ana- Less intimidating than a crown
- A huge improvement over the old Mighty Ducks logo
- Your Stanley Cup champions, ladies and gentlemen

26 - New York Islanders

nyi- I know this will anger those who came of age in the late 70s, but I call it like I see it
- Not only a weak logo, but a weak nickname
- Still better than that fisherman

27 - Phoenix Coyotes

pho- A dog with fleas
- Not even the Great One can give this logo or franchise hope
- I miss the Jets

28 - Washington Capitals

was2- What is this?
- Uninspired, unspectacular, uninteresting
- No kid on the planet living outside of Washington is going to want a Capitals jersey this Christmas

29 - Buffalo Sabres

buf- Sorry Buffalo, but I hate this new logo
- Who decided on this colour scheme? Is that still a buffalo?
- It doesn't get much worse than this

30 - Nashville Predators

nas- What the hell is this thing?
- This franchise was a mistake and this logo was a mistake
- Fittingly named after a fossil

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Mike (Buffalo Boy)

Mike I agree with Nashville, But Buffalo is far from 2nd worst. The Florida Panthers, Atlanta Trashers and Columbus Blue Jackets belong way down on the list. I would even put the Bruins Jerseys down there I like the older Bruins jerseys. Phoenix has some god awful ones too. Buffalo's old black and red things were nasty I would have put them there but at least they got into some colors that they can tie back to the original logo....

September 30, 2007 @ 3:37 PM

Toronto Mike

I'm shocked at someone going by the name Buffalo Boy being offended by this... That would be like a guy calling himself Toronto Mike putting any other logo at #1!

September 30, 2007 @ 4:08 PM

Toronto Mike

And dude, I honestly think this new logo is horrible. I didn't mind the original Sabres logo. Does anyone in Buffalo other than you like this new one?

September 30, 2007 @ 4:11 PM


No jersey is better than Chicago's. I have 2 With Chris Chelios & Denis Savard each with Captain's C.

September 30, 2007 @ 4:28 PM

Jason | GetYourOJ.com

I don't get why The Habs are ranked so higly that is the most boring logo ever next to McDonald's lol

October 1, 2007 @ 1:54 PM


Mike, the Ottawa logo is changed.

October 2, 2007 @ 4:14 AM


The Original 6 LOGOS should all be tied at #1 they are the originators (GODS IF YOU WILL) I am a die hard SENS fan but i do respect the CLASSICS. the KISS theory works best KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID nuff said

October 4, 2007 @ 2:04 PM

Kevin M

The Islanders logo should be a little bit higher up in my opinion. It may be a bit plain but there are many logos that are uglier.

July 1, 2008 @ 5:56 PM

Joe C

I agree with Kevin M. The Islanders have a simple yet classy logo.

July 29, 2008 @ 6:00 PM

Ben H

All I know is the only reason you have the preds last is because 80% of Canadiens hate Nashville. ( obviously your 1 of them. ) Its obvious its a Sabertooth Tiger idiot. The franchise wasnt a mistake your only saying that because we have a good team and we have made the playoffs 4 straight seasons. And I didnt know a fossil was named Predator thats pretty crazy. Your such a low self centered Canadien wannabe bitch. GO PREDSSSSSS

December 8, 2008 @ 4:40 PM

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