Political Apathy

ottawaHere in Ontario, the signs have sprouted on our lawns like fall flowers. We must be due for an election or something. Oh yes, we're going to the polls next month to vote for our MPP.

I haven't written about politics in a while because I'm jaded by the whole sport. Last time I voted for an MPP, which wasn't that long ago because we had a by-election last September, I found something I could sink my teeth into. The Radical Reverend Cheri DiNovo won the day making Parkdale-High Park the only riding in Toronto with both an NDP MP and an NDP MPP. With a pseudo NDP mayor, this neck of the woods couldn't be more orange.

Although the race is just getting started, I'm totally bored by the Tory - McGuinty war of words. I find DiNovo far more interesting. Her party doesn't have a prayer, but at least she offers more than a well drafted sound bite.

Wake me when it's time for me to cast my vote.

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