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ottawaFreddie P just wrote about my Political Apathy entry from last week. In his entry of the same name, he says my entry made him sad. Here's what he wrote.

Every day I check in with several blogs and among those I enjoy very much is Toronto Mike.

Mike has a blog that’s usually very warm and fuzzy filled with tons of pop culture and neat stuff about the city we love.

However, the other day Mike had a posting entitled Political Apathy and it made me sad. I'm glad Mike isn't voting Liberal, but it still made me sad.

Mike talked about not really caring about the upcoming provincial election and I wondered how that could be. At the same time, it explained to me how someone like Dalton McGuinty survives.

Personally, given four years of McGuinty lies and deceit I can't see how anyone could "not" be into this election. We owe it to ourselves, our families, our friends and our province to become involved.

At the risk of being lumped in with the majority of people who don't know nor care what is going on in the arena of politics, I feel I should clarify a few things. Firstly, I don't vote for the leader. I know this makes me the exception, but I actually vote for the MPP. In fact, I write quite a bit about the local Parkdale-High Park happenings at, so I'm not nearly as apathetic as you think.

So yes, I'm jaded and bored by the McGuinty ~ Tory war of words, but I do follow the local race closely and take my vote very seriously. That's another thing, I actually vote. That also makes me the exception.

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Jason Meltzer Patterson


still no one to vote for.

September 18, 2007 @ 11:07 AM


It's not so much apathy as it is frustration. I vote solely for my MPP too, but the leader and the party also benefit (unlike the US where a direct vote can be cast for whomever you'd like to see lead.) That being said, John Tory and Howard Hampton have done nothing to stand out as yet, nor have they applied serious pressure to McGuinty. With three weeks left, let's hope it gets better.

September 18, 2007 @ 9:47 PM

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