Gentlemen, Hold Your Fire

LeafsI was watching last night when Vesa Toskala allowed the first shot he faced to end up in the net. Not long after, another weak shot was in the mesh. Vesa Toskala's Maple Leafs debut was weak, but we must hold our fire. We'll need our ammo for when it actually matters.

You see, this is preseason hockey. It doesn't really matter. It's the time for guys like Tony Salmelainen and Simon Gamache to get our hopes up. Who has the energy to boo a weak preseason performance? Admittedly, I was hoping for better, but I'm willing to hold off on judging the dude until he plays a couple of games that actually count in the standings.

I also have a good enough memory to recall Ed Belfour's debut in blue and white, and he too let in the first goal he faced. As I recall, he went on to have a pretty good season.

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