A Final Word From Mr. T

baseballHis name is Laurence Tureaud, but you know him best as Mr. T. The world was first introduced to Mr. T in the guise of James "Clubber" Lang in Rocky III and next as Sgt. "B. A." Baracus on The A Team. Last week, he inspired my slo-pitch team and uttered four words that propelled us to a semi-final victory and a berth in the finals.

Tonight is that final best-of-three as we take on the S&M Flyers in an epic battle for RSPA supremacy. We faced the S&M Flyers three times during the regular season, losing twice and tying them once. As the fourth seed in the division, we're the underdogs, and that's just the way we like it.

You see, Mr. T was an underdog, too. He grew up in the Chicago projects, the youngest boy of thirteen children. Through a killer blend of determination, grit, strength, smarts and a mohawk, Mr. T won our hearts and had us all saying "I pity the fool". If Mr. T could rise like a phoenix to become top dog, so can Raging Storm. Scratch that... so will Raging Storm.

As Mr. T once said:

Mr. T

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Mike Kic

Mr. T is my hero....next to Cito of course. Let's end this with a championship!! The dynasty continues....

September 24, 2007 @ 9:37 AM


Go Storm.
Finally a championship for the boon. This will be sweet for someone who's hockey team will never reach this lauded position.
I will be there for the Storm parade, I promise.
Go Sens!

September 24, 2007 @ 9:42 AM

Mike Kic

Oh no, we got a Sens fan cheering for us....that's a bad omen, I hope we don't CHOKE in the finals....ouch!

September 24, 2007 @ 9:52 AM

Toronto Mike

Mr. Humble Howard, let's not count these chickens until they hatch. Plan the parade, just don't tell me where it will be.

And as for the Sens, you can balance your love of those losers with your affection for a certain golfer we call Tiger. It all balances out.

September 24, 2007 @ 1:06 PM

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