Watching The Simpsons Movie With James and Michelle

homerI saw The Simpsons Movie again, this time with my kids. Although only five and three, they were dying to see this movie, and I was dying to see it with them.

You actually appreciate this movie more the second time through. For starters, it's a perfect family film. The only questionable scene involved Otto and a bong, and as far as the kids know he was blowing bubbles. Otherwise, it's good wholesome fun.

They loved the pig scenes, and a gag near the end when they trick Russ Cargill into saying "I'm a wiener". They also love the physical humour, usually involving Homer and a hammer or a rock and a hard place. Here are the parts I thought were ultra special. Warning, there be spoilers below!

  • Biting the Hand That Feeds You - The opening scene with Homer calling us out for spending money to watch something that comes on our television every week for free is pure Simpsons gold. We love to be roasted, and we'll pay for that.
  • The Nude Scene - This entire montage was fantastic, especially the reveal. I remember the Austin Powers scene that inspired this, but Austin didn't have the gonads to show wang.
  • Spider-Pig - Although his scenes are brief, the entire Spider-Pig subplot is pretty damn sharp. The song, of course, steals the show. The choral version of the song reached #24 on the British singles chart. At 64 seconds, it is the shortest track to ever reach the British top 40.
  • The Scroll - The Fox promotional scroll was too funny. It might be my favourite part of the film.
  • Bart and Ned - The subplot revolving around Bart's hunger for a supportive and nurturing father figure was handled with great poise and sensitivity. The scenes with Bart and Ned, juxtaposed with the hilarious scene of Bart and Homer fishing, is The Simpsons at its best. It's never just been about the laughs.
  • Maggie's First Word - During the credits, Maggie utters her first word. Actually, it's not her first word, but it's her first word in front of the rest of the family. It was a great word, too... and I'm already looking forward to it.

There were many other great scenes, from Green Day to Alaska, but those were my favourites. The kids are still laughing at the "I'm a wiener" line. I must admit, I laughed at that one, too.

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