A Movie ReelFuck: 6.5 out of 10.

This documentary is all about the F-bomb. There is an interesting collection of people speaking up on this controversial word, with Bill Maher, Billy Connolly, Ice-T, Drew Carey, Kevin Smith and others on one end of the spectrum and a bunch of stiffs and Pat Boone on the other. Pat Boone even shared with us the word he uses instead of the F-word when he needs a hard core expletive. The dude says "Boon!".

I find myself fascinated by how offended some people are by certain words. Words are words, and even the bad ones have therapeutic qualities. "Fuck" has a weight to it no other word has and in certain situations you can accept no substitute.

I've been known to swear here and there, and I'm as liberal as they come when it comes to such things, but I still try and catch myself when around the kids. It's not that I think the word will corrupt them or hurt their spiritual growth, it's that they copy everything I say and I worry they'll accidentally say it in inappropriate places.

Maybe I should follow Pat Boone's lead and yell out a "Boon!" when I stub my toe, a Jay hits into a double play or somebody pisses me off. Consider yourselves warned.

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August 20, 2007 @ 12:45 PM

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