Californication and Saving Grace

tvThis past week I checked out a couple of new television series. I sampled the first two episodes of Californication, starring David Duchovny, and the pilot of Saving Grace, starring Holly Hunter.

Californication reminded me of Dream On, an HBO series I used to watch. Californication is actually a Showtime series, but it's still a dude who easily scores with ultra hot babes who always end up showing us the goods. Dream On was a comedy while Californication is sort of a dark comedy with dramatic aspirations. I watched the first two episodes and I'll be back for the third. It's even got geek appeal with Duchovny's character getting paid to blog.

I hated Saving Grace. I hated everything about it. It aired on Showcase last night and I expected a great deal better. It's awfully contrived with a boring as all hell subplot and a corny Touched By An Angel premise. The best part of Saving Grace was the theme music by Everlast. I'd avoid this one like the plague and wait for the far better Dexter to start up its second season.

And while we're discussing television, we finally get the new season of Rescue Me tonight at 10p on Showcase. As Red would say, dont'cha dare miss it.

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