The Fire Amidst That Smoke

rewindOne year ago today I detected a series of searches bringing people to this site. These searches were for statements like "humble howard fired" or "humble howard fired from mix". The first thing I did was check the local news outlets for word that Humble had been canned. Even though there was no evidence that Humble Howard was out of a radio gig, I could smell a story brewing.

I wrote this entry entitled Humble Howard, Are You Okay? that night and the very next day, a Saturday, the news appeared in the National Post. Mix 99.9 had fired Humble Howard and those searches I detected were likely from some of the people in the know, searching for leaks. Little did they know that their search for leaks would in fact cause such a leak.

Over the next few months, as people hit the web searching for Humble Howard status updates and further news on their favourite morning man, that entry I wrote became a place for people to pay homage to Humble for seventeen great years. They came to chastise Mix 99.9 management, to wish Humble well and to say thanks. The 394 comments left on that entry are the most left on any of my 6256 entries to date.

I remember writing that entry one year ago today. It was done completely on a whim, and I almost didn't write it at all. Eleven days later I first heard from Humble himself, we chatted on the phone and hit it off instantly. We've been pals ever since.

I asked Humble Howard if he was okay. I'm happy to report, one year later, he definitely is.

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