Steve Varga Sounds Like A Made Up Name

musicSomebody named Steve Varga took exception to this entry about Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend being a little too similar to The Rubinoos' I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.

It was a rather interesting comment, so I'm reposting it here. The spelling and grammatical errors belong to Steve.

This goes out to anybody caught up in this mishap. Those accusations against my girl for copyright infringment, are bologney, and they are not quite true, there 2 differnet songs and I can prove it. First of all they have 2 differnt meanings, Avril is a very close friend of mine and I have known her for years. I told her " I LOVE YOU" and I called her my "GIRLFRIEND" I do the rumors are true. Then when she was working on the album they decided to write the track GIRLFRIEND I guess Av talked her band into it. The guy she is singing about is me And this song meant something to me, the song was the bands gift to me, and for these guys to put a lawsuit up against her is unfair, and they should have done their reasearch because I'll try my best to be at the trial and those dummies think she coppied it while this is the truth They didn't , they don't deserve a penny, from this and for them to get a settlement they don't deserve is unheard of. I think they are just jelous of her sucess, In the lyrics av said I meantioned it a lot, maybe AV was right women always are I did meantion it a lot I told her "I love you" every day , for the first time the other day I personally did my reasearch and read the lyrics and This song makes sense to me. I am the only guy out there besides her band that actually understands what she is singing about. I also found five other songs with the chorus starting off with" HEY HEY " This is just a big misunderstanding, this is not a copied version if the song was copied The band would have made it a tribute because they do do tributes, which they have done for a number of other bands in the past.

MY name is STEVE VARGA I am 23 years old and I live 1 hour north of Toronto, for anyone who wants to contact me or leave me their comments you can at

I have the real story and for these guys to say she copied a song that menat so much to me is rude. They owe me and the band an apology and thanks for wasting our time and money. I would be willing to do an interview if someone is available and I also can't wait to talk to Tommy and james about this , I am personally going to review this track with them and explain every line of the song to them, For future references tell them they obviously havn't done there reasearch, don't just assume something,and accuse someone before you find the truth.


LOVE always and forever


Steve is either a stalker or he's got a great story to tell his grandkids.

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That is twisted!!! I facebooked Steve Varga and there are 2 in the Toronto Network. Hmmmm.......

July 17, 2007 @ 9:31 PM

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