Soccer Captures My Attention

soccerI realize I just shared my total lack of interest in this soccer thing, but I didn't see this coming. Following their loss to Argentina last night, officers detained several members of the Chilean team after a melee broke out.

As facts leak out, it sounds like the Chile players were a little ticked at the ref and the coppers had to step in to protect the zebras. At least one Chilean got Tasered and several were handcuffed. The Chilean government issued a formal protest today to Ottawa over the police action.

Now I'm interested...

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Having read and heard about this incident after the chile vs. Argentinian soccer game I am very upset.Chileans are saying they are embarrassed to call themselves Canadian? What did they want the police to do? Had the police let both groups at each other what then would have been said about our police if someone was seriously hurt during the brawl? Soccer spells trouble and always has in England and Europe in general. It is a very hot blooded sport and there have been dangerous occurences in England many times. Did we really need a soccer stadium???

July 20, 2007 @ 6:53 PM

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