Shows I Watched: Who's The Boss

tvYes, I watched Who's the Boss. After Daisy Duke I think Samantha Micelli was my next crush.

This was a show that hinged on one, simple premise. Tony and Angela had the hots for each other but they could never act on it. Once they did, the show would be ruined. I believe in later seasons they did hook up, but I can't say I was watching at that point. This was one long pre-kiss moment stretched out over several seasons.

Pam and Jim from The Office are sort of our modern day, hipper Tony and Angela. They've kissed, but the timing has never been right. When Tony and Angela started dating, it killed Who's the Boss, and if Pam and Jim start dating, I fear the same, although The Office has far more going for it than this one note.

Here's the Who's the Boss intro with yet another catchy as all hell theme song.

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