Economically Challenged Swimming Pool

sunLiving in the 416, we don't have the largest backyard, but we make the most out of the space we have. The backyard is our summertime oasis, and it's essentially divided into two halfs. One half houses the BBQ and patio table, for the adults, and the other half has a slide, basketball net and swimming pool for the kiddies.

We don't just have any swimming pool, we have the poor man's swimming pool. You rich guys with your outdoor pools have nothing on us. You blow this sucker up and you can literally swim laps in it. The kids just love it, and once the sun heats it up, Daddy loves it too.

Here are a few pics from this morning. Here's the entire photoset.

The Pool The Pool The Pool

The Pool

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I love it. I was actually thinking about getting my self one of those economical pools myself. along with an umbrella, a nice camping chair with the drink holders and setting up in my little back yard right beside our grill. Feet in the water, drink in hand...couldnt beat that set up....Im on my way to the toy store now.

June 16, 2007 @ 10:45 PM

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