Not Built For IE6?

binocularsThe body of this site is a good old fashioned HTML table. It's simply two columns, but I've always intended to blow away this table and create the same effect with pure CSS.

In my spare time I've been hacking away at this CSS solution, and boy does it look sweet and behave perfectly. It's lean and mean and there's no table required. There's only one problem. When I view the new page in IE6, it's wonky.

According to these guys, 50% of web surfers are using IE6. That's a pretty big chunk of the pie. In order to accommodate this 50% slice I'd have to throw in a whack of work-arounds and hacks and it still won't look and behave quite the way it should. There is, however, another solution. I could build this site for Firefox and other modern browsers and not care about IE6 users.

It would negatively impact traffic, but since it's all about me, do I really care? I'm thinking about it...

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I highly recommend encoding for firefox and skipping IE. If more webmasters would stop coding for IE's idiocy, more people would be forced to get intelligent browsers. Or, it might force Microshaft to finally get with the program. I doubt it. :D (I take JS games and theme them for a fan site I have.)

My website is coded for ff by default only because I use other people free codes, and tweak them in FF and don't know enough about browser compatibility work arounds to get my site working for IE. I'm still a newbie.

I actually came here through a google search trying to figure out how to force a horizontal scroll bar to show up regardless of what the person's browser is set up as. The oversized image didn't work. I'm told by another site that it should have. It worked on my FF but not my friend's FF. Go figure. Maybe the reason why it didn't was because said person was using a Mac, and ff works differently on a mac. I should go and try my crosspuzzle on the Mac and see what gives.
Have a good day!
ps. I love Toronto! I'm a Minnesotan who writes children's stories where they run away to Canada, then eventually make there way to England. :D

October 21, 2007 @ 12:05 AM

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