MLSE is a Joke in Yo Town

leafsMLSE president Richard Peddie confirmed yesterday that they're looking to hire a senior adviser to work with Toronto Maple Leafs general manager John Ferguson. JFJ apparently needs some help, a mentor of sorts, as he's still learning the job after four years as GM of Canada's team.

That's hilarious. Only at MLSE do things shake down like this. They're actively looking to hire a hockey guy to be JFJ's boss. JFJ is the lamest of ducks, and one wonders why he still has the job. Scotty Bowman, the sensible guy that he is, has already turned this mentor gig down. I'm hearing rumours that they're now looking at John Muckler.

If JFJ is still learning the job after four years at the helm, why did we hire him? Why does MLSE make it so blatantly obvious that the Maple Leafs are just one part of a big money making machine where making money is the primary goal? Now that Jim Balsillie is left without a team, why can't he buy everybody out at MLSE and clean up the head office so there is one capable hockey mind calling the shot with regards to personnel?

So get up get, get get down, MLSE is a joke in yo town.

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Mike, what you've got there isn't a rudderless's a ship with too many rudders pointed in different directions. You can still get on one of the life rafts, there is still time!

June 28, 2007 @ 9:14 AM


Here's a little rant by yours truly mentioning your favourite team:

June 28, 2007 @ 1:35 PM

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