Is The Saturday Star Too Much To Digest?

newspaperThe Toronto Star has redesigned their Saturday Star. The Saturday Star is the biggie and has always had the most sections, but is it too big?

I counted 14 sections in yesterday's Star. The first thing I do is sort the paper into two piles. One pile I'll actually look at, the other pile I won't even open. The piles are usual of equal size. Here are the 14 sections from yesterday's Star and what I did with each of them.

  • The First Section - I actually read this section. It's the news, and if you don't read the news in your newspaper you're really just reading a paper.
  • World and Comment - I go through this section and read the articles that capture my fancy.
  • Entertainment - I read this section. I find it entertaining.
  • Classified - I don't read this section at all.
  • New in Homes - I used to check out this section but I haven't opened it in a while. I'm sure I'm missing out on many wonderful home maintenance and decoration tips.
  • Ideas - I enjoy this section.
  • Weekend Living - This is sort of the old Life section and I'll breeze through it and read the interesting stuff.
  • Sports - I have always loved this section.
  • Puzzles and Comics - I just read the For Better or For Worse on the front page and that's that.
  • Condos - I don't read this section at all.
  • Travel - I don't read this section at all.
  • Wheels - I don't read this section at all.
  • Wheels 2 - I don't read this section at all.
  • Business and Careers - I don't read this section unless there's a really interesting business article screaming at me on the front page.

It takes a while to wade through it all and I usually don't wrap it up until some time on Sunday. Luckily, the Sunday Star is far lighter fare.

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Jason Meltzer Patterson

Maybe. But have you seen the NY Times!??!!?

My Grade 11 journalism teacher insisted he was only able to read it cover to cover ONCE. (I think he was pretty proud of that, lol)

June 4, 2007 @ 2:51 PM

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