Red Fever? Not On My Watch!

nhlThe CBC's ratings for the NHL playoffs are down. BBM Nielsen figures show that no playoff game cracked the top 25 in the Toronto area during the week of May 7-13. Apparently, this ratings slide is all our fault, and we should be proud.

"We hope that red fever catches on," CBC Sports executive director Scott Moore said. "The only thing that has held back the ratings is Toronto-area fans not necessarily jumping on the Ottawa bandwagon."

Moore is mystified by Torontonians' lack of interest in watching their rival. "I was in Edmonton last year and Calgary fans got behind the Oilers," he said. "I don't know why that's not happening here."

Mr. Moore, we're proudly rooting for ABO, but there's not enough passion in the belly to actually tune in. I'm proud of the fact we've managed to drag the television ratings down by not rooting for the Sens. Besides, the Senators don't have national appeal. This is Leafs country.

Not only is red fever not catching on, I'm hearing more about Toronto FC than the Sens. That's a very, very bad sign.

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