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documentationI enjoy the interactive nature of this blog. If I write my opinion on a subject, anyone can add their two cents and we can have an actual discussion. This interactivity is what separates a blog from a journal.

Over the past twelve hours, two comments have been left on this site that resulted in two very different reactions from me. Humble Howard left a comment on my "An Open Letter to Vince Carter" entry that had me in stitches. Less than two hours later, kam left a comment on my "Cho Seung-Hui & Mr. Brownstone" entry that so disturbed me I'm still concerned about his / her mindset.

Here's the 20:17 entry from Humble that made me smile.

Dear Toronto Mike.
Get help.
Call SportsNerds Anonymous.
Call them now. They can help.
Vince Carter doesn't care what you think.
I do.
You're making too much of this, it's only a game meant to be a pleasant diversion and not a substitute for real life.
I'd like to write more but it's Thursday and that's the night I polish my Tiger Woods bobble-head and dust off my Lucky TW Wheaties and lucky US open golf balls.
Sincerely your pal,
PS. Go to I need the visits!

Here's the 22:34 entry from kam that gave me chills.

i think what that cho guy did was good, he killed many innocent people, but the teachers will be afraid to abuse the student in future. i read what he wrote, he said he is sacrificing himself for all the weak and helpless guys. and its true. first i thought he was a monster but after i read what he wrote i can see the benefit of what he did. you see in our world people only respect one thing -- strength. if you are big and tall everyone respect you, if you are small everyone treats you like shit. cho showed that small guys can turn nasty if pushed too far, and that will make people afraid to pick on small guys, especially students. innocent people died, that's unfortunate. but the same thing happens in a war, innocent die in order to correct some other evil. cho was kicked out of poetry and literature class for his writing, he was a shy guy so when he tried to hit on a couple girls in a somewhat clumsy way they ratted on him. girls don’t have the guts to say “i am not interested, but thank you for asking” to guys they find unattractive, instead they pretend they like them, flirt with them, than behind their back they rat on them and backstab them. and misandrist men are all to happy carrying out their dirty duties falsely accusing a guy of harassment. sex discriminates against the ugly. they don’t realize that ugly guys are people too who also deserve to have fun and be happy. taking a kinder and gentler attitude towards all humankind might serve these pampered women with low self-esteem well. its easy to ridicule men, to blame men, to ignore men. but it is not easy to be a man. especially an ugly short man like cho. society prepares the crime the criminal commits it.

feminists and men who support gender biased, sexist, anti-male laws including the school system, police, justice system, and government are responsible for emasculation of men, which is the cause of the social anxiety among young men like cho. feminists would rather nitpick and close down a corporation which is supporting thousands of women who feed their babies because some guy hang a victoria’s secret angel over the time clock.

as for the media, its common sense that by rewarding cho with what he was aiming for – publicity they are sending the message that whoever kills a lot of people will be rewarded with publicity. why stop there? announce a bloody reward for the families of dead serial killers so you can get your bloody ratings. what do you expect from a society which is so utterly lacking in integrity? you are worse than the cho dude, you may be snug and secure behind your desks, but you are encouraging murder.

If you have an opinion about Vince Carter, join the discussion. If you have a thought about the Virginia Tech shooting, we're discussing that here.

All opinions are welcome and encouraged, from either extreme.

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"Good"?! It's "unfortunate" that innocent people had to die?!

Kam, report back to us in 10 or 15 years when you're a parent. I think you'll be appalled at your own words.

What Cho did was perform the ultimate selfish, narcissistic act, proving only that he was very, very sick.

April 22, 2007 @ 8:11 AM

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