Surreal Ripples From the Blogosphere

diceChecking my RSS feeds this morning, I saw a new entry on Humble Howard's blog that really spoke to me. The title, "Ripping Mike Boon off, Again!", had me highly intrigued.

In this entry Humble Howard admits to reading this blog throughout the day, borrowing from it and appreciating my help with his blog. This is where it gets rather surreal. In the blogosphere, Humble Howard is a Toronto Mike fan. I am a blogging mentor of sorts. Humble rips material off of me.

For all of the 1990s, I only listened to one morning show on the radio. I was a Humble & Fred fan, tuning into CFNY for both the music and the banter. I was a Humble Howard fan, borrowing material from him and checking in with him daily.

I'm still a Humble fan, but now it's a nice mutual love-in that exists both on-line and off. I'm hanging with the dude on Saturday and he's promised to brew me some of that New Orleans gold. Yo Humble! You can rip me off any time.

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