Heart Attack Chat

leafsMy brother Steve and I had a little Gtalk going during tonight's thriller at the ACC. The Leafs won, and here's our thrilling convo.

8:50 PM Mike: big pp coming up!
8:50 PM Steve: they have a great pk for some reason
8:50 PM Steve: only Raycroft can cost us this game
8:57 PM Mike: yay
8:57 PM Mike: ding ding
8:57 PM Mike: Gill the Thrill
8:57 PM Steve: should we really be sweating out Philly?
8:57 PM Steve: isn't that a bad sign?
8:57 PM Mike: Forget Todd, there's a new favourite Gill in town.
8:58 PM Mike: there are lots of bad signs everywhere
8:58 PM Steve: that makes up for a stinky season
8:58 PM Mike: but who cares, we're winning the cup!
8:58 PM Steve: ok
9:43 PM Mike: holy mackinaw
9:44 PM Steve: holy heart attack
9:46 PM Mike: ouch
9:46 PM Steve: down goes Stajan
9:46 PM Steve: down goes Stajan
9:53 PM Mike: omg
9:53 PM Steve: not Raycroft's fault this time
9:53 PM Steve: just the overpaid D
9:54 PM Steve: including the biggest and most overpaid in the league
9:54 PM Steve: McCabe
9:54 PM Mike: Antropov will score the winner
9:55 PM Steve: Biron is better than Raycroft
9:55 PM Steve: no SO
10:09 PM Mike: c'mon tucks
10:09 PM Steve: nothing fancy
10:09 PM Steve: shot from the point
10:09 PM Mike: shoot!!!
10:09 PM Mike: yes!
10:09 PM Steve: YEAH
10:09 PM Mike: holy mackinaw!!!
10:09 PM Steve: shot from the point
10:09 PM Mike: scratch my back with a hacksaw
10:10 PM Mike: mccabe has totally redeemed himself

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Mike Boon

My buddy just left me a voice mail to say this is the gayest thing he's ever read.

Upon further review, it's pretty damn gay. Even gayer is the fact I watched American Idol on tape shortly thereafter.

Gayest line: "c'mon tucks"

April 4, 2007 @ 11:37 AM

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