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Search StringsThese are the top searches that referred people to this site in March of 2007. One of the first signs of spring is the arrival of Blue Jays fans.

  1. richard jeni
  2. wedding playlist
  3. big shiny tunes 2
  4. toronto maple leafs
  5. concert tickets
  6. toronto blue jays
  7. big shiny tunes 3
  8. big shiny tunes 4
  9. big shiny tunes 6
  10. big shiny tunes 7

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Buffalo Boy

This is the best time of year! The Jays and Opening
DAy. I think that many may be underestimating the
potential of the Jays this year. Tomo Ohka has won 13
games in a season before and hes young enough to do it
again. Josh Towers has done the same. And no one is
mentioning Gustavo Chacin is still a developing Left
Hander. Im surprised people didnt give him more credit
as the teams 3rd starter. I do think that they will
need a starter down the stretch but I think that they
have options, IE Marcum, Jansen, or Mcgowan. Pay
attention because I think that the Yanks and Sox as
good as they may be are injury prone and older. The
Yanks are already struggling with injuries. Carl
Pavano is opening the season ????? Whats up with that?
And Curt Schilling in Boston is not the pitcher he
was. Time will tell and hopefully it will be fun
finding out how it all goes.
Buffalo Boy

April 1, 2007 @ 5:39 PM


I was searching for big shiny tunes sure brings back a lot of memories....and now that i am gradding memories seem to be important

April 27, 2007 @ 3:42 AM



June 19, 2009 @ 3:57 PM

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