Seeking a Miracle: Week Two

runningYesterday marked the beginning of week #2 of my little experiment. Can a guy like me run himself into shape and eventually complete a marathon? We'll see...

Week one was running for one minute and then walking for two minutes. We did this around High Park and I found it pretty easy. Yesterday, we ran for one minute and walked for one minute around High Park. So far, so good, as I'm not experiencing any discomfort and I'm actually looking forward to getting out there and doing it again tonight.

This clinic was designed for complete beginners, so it's no surprise I've managed okay these first two weeks. I actually felt better yesterday than I did last week, but that's has everything to do with footwear. My ten year old cross trainers had no support and my new Brooks have me feeling like I'm running on air. Hallelujah!

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