No More Celine!

IdolThe best four of the twenty remaining AI participants are all female. You can't beat LaKisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle or Stephanie Edwards. The judges seemed to be all over Melinda but I still have LaKisha fever.

Here are my three favourites from last night:

  1. LaKisha Jones
  2. Melinda Doolittle
  3. Sabrina Sloan

Here are my three least favourite from last night:

  1. Alaina Alexander
  2. Antonella Barba
  3. Leslie Hunt

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Mike (Buffalo Boy)

I really cant believe you watch that crap. Seriously? American Idol is the biggest piece of steaming crap on TV I have seen it only in passing by a TV in my house with it on because someone else was watching it. If I could I would bypass walking through that room altogether if I could. The fact is American Idol involves no talent, it is glorified Karaoke. YOu want a show, have original rock bands do original material for judges like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Robert Smith of The Cure and Elvis Costello. Now that would be awesome and they would promote quality musicians to come on and perform.

March 3, 2007 @ 10:31 AM

Mike Boon

I agree with you, yet I watch it regularly.

It's so bad, it's good. My wife and I watch and give our own comments and then listen to Simon agree with me. It's the most interactive show on television!

It also gives my mom and I something to talk about when we predict who will get voted off. It's my guilty pleasure...

March 3, 2007 @ 10:43 AM

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