Jeopardy's First Tie Game

tvFor the first time in the history of Jeopardy, a game ended in a three way tie. You can imagine why this is such a rare occurrence. It's really only possible if someone throws a match. See for yourself.

I think that guy in the red shirt is a genius. He could have easily bet a dollar more and won the game, but by forcing a three way tie he gets his $16,000 and the other two blokes get their $16,000 and they all get to play again Monday. The red shirted fellow already knows he can beat this competition, so he'll just get to add to his winnings, and if he loses he still gets the $16,000. Meanwhile, the other two got some cold hard cash instead of the crap they dump on losers of this game. Nobody wants the home version, trust me.

Red shirted guy, I salute you. Thank you for betting $2,600 instead of $2,601.

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Hear, Hear !

March 19, 2007 @ 2:07 AM

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