Cool Tunes, Daddio

IdolI hated the performances last week because I disliked the Diana Ross songs they featured. This week we got cool 60s British invasion tunes, and it was a whole lot better.

Song selection is everything as far as I'm concerned. We got a number of gems last night and the result was an entertaining collection of songs. Even that Sanjaya Malakar managed to sound respectable... sorta.

Here are my three favourites from last night:

  1. Melinda Doolittle
  2. Jordin Sparks
  3. Blake Lewis

Here are my three least favourite from last night:

  1. Phil Stacey
  2. Chris Richardson
  3. Sanjaya Malakar

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I felt very odd last night watching Sanjaya Malakas performance of “You Really Got Me.” He totally butchered a song that I usually enjoy. The whole thing was uncomfortable for me to watch.....the performance, listening to all that praise from the judges, as well as watching the crying girl. Yet, I could not look a train wreck sort of way.

I also got the feeling that Peter Noone wasn't too impressed with any of the guys.

March 21, 2007 @ 10:48 AM

Mike Boon

That crying girl was the best. I don't think she's healthy, bless her little heart. Nobody should ball tears of joy upon hearing Sanjaya Malakar sing The Kinks.

March 21, 2007 @ 10:50 AM


MUCH better. It's like a lightbulb went on & they finally understand it's a competition - but I could be speaking too soon, we'll see. I guess they've got to step it up for the top 10. It is the finals afterall. How about Haley? Whoa. I thought she was going to have a wardrobe malfunction. I wonder if her fiancé had anything to say about her outfit. Sanjaya finally injected some enthusiasm & life into his performance. I was beginning to doze off to his performances & wonder if the "Zombie dance" was just for the Ford commercial. Not so sure he should be singing about a girl either. How about the crying little girl audience member? I know she's young & was prob overwhelmed, but how dramatic! I'm pretty sure they got enough shots of her, letting her up on stage to boot. Hey, not every kid gets to do that! Her facial expressions alone were worth watching the show last night though. I was a bit confused as to who or what she liked most, BECAUSE SHE KEPT CRYING w/ that awful/pitiful pout. Simon's comments lately, including to Ryan & Paula are getting a lol from me. Wow, is she whacked or what? How about those Tammy Faye eyelashes on Lulu when she was younger? They just don't make mascara like that anymore. She reminds me of my Super, except more attractive. Lulu's a Scorpio so she gets points for that & I'm glad some artists give constructive criticism w/ substance, unlike Paula who gives mostly substance -- from her blood stream!!! If I hear "You know, you're beautiful..." or "You know, you look great..." etc. one more time, I think I might just have a drink too! It's about the voice Paula, the voice...

March 21, 2007 @ 2:21 PM


Aw man! They removed it! "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by NBC Universal"

March 26, 2007 @ 8:06 PM

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