A 60 to 80 Kilometre Web of Light Rail

ttcThe TTC is unveiling an ambitious blueprint for a light rail system that would crisscross the city far beyond existing and planned subway lines. Here's a map of the network of new routes, which include:

  • Don Mills – Steeles Avenue to Bloor-Danforth Subway
  • Eglinton Crosstown – Kennedy Station to Pearson Airport
  • Etobicoke-Finch West – Yonge Street to Highway 27
  • Jane – Jane Station to Steeles West Station
  • Scarborough Malvern – Kennedy Station to Malvern/Morningside
  • Sheppard East – Don Mills Station to Morningside Avenue
  • Waterfront West – Union Station/Exhibition to Long Branch

I'm a pretty big fan of the Toronto Transit Commission and a very regular user of buses and the subway. I rarely start up the car anymore, far preferring to TTC it if I can't walk it. Blanketing the 416 with such a system is an exceptional idea and a key step toward Toronto becoming a true green, clean, and liveable city.

Now we just need the money...

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I'm all for cutting down on gridlock & saving the environment, but one of the reasons I got my car 5 yrs. ago is so I WOULDN'T have to take the TTC any longer! Oh I agree it can be good for some things, sometimes, otherwise, I try to avoid it *@ ALL COSTS!* Suffice it to say, I'd take my car anyday over the TTC. You could say I'm real passionate about driving. I'm sooo not a fan of the Red (a-hem) Rocket (?) that I don't even mind driving in snow, dealing w/ traffic and/or fighting/paying for parking! Hey, @ least I drive a Honda. :) I think even w/ this new system & the tax break on TTC passes, the preferred method of transportation will continue to be personal/co. vehicles & prob always will be. I mean, come on, you can get places in a *fraction* of the time! & as we all know, we have very little of that these days. I can honestly say, besides you Mike & prob my younger nieces & nephews when/if they get the chance, I know ONE other person who doesn't mind/actually LIKES the TTC (yikes) but he lives in Cobourg; everyone & I mean EVERYONE else likes to take their cars & don't know how they'd get along w/o them. I do my part for gridlock by taking alternate routes, etc. when I can & for the environment by being an avid recycler, not wasting & encouraging others to do the same. Time & convenience are just too precious of commodities "when you've only got 100 years to live", maybe less. Enjoy your beloved TTC! I hope you & your Lady In Red will continue to have a very happy life together & all your experiences are good ones! For me, it's me & my silver bullet, 'til death do us part. :)

March 16, 2007 @ 2:22 PM

Mike Boon

Wow, you really like your car!

What is it you hate about the TTC. I love how the subway comes every 3-4 minutes during non-rush hours. During rush hour, I never wait more than two minutes for a train.

The bus I take comes super frequently too, and I just chill out with my MP3 player and maybe a newspaper. Next thing you know, I'm where I need to be.

March 16, 2007 @ 3:43 PM


Needless to say, that is an understatement & I don't like my car, I *LOVE* it. I don't have any children & don't plan to, so next to my 10-yr. old Peachface Lovebird, my car is my pride & joy & "my baby". I love driving it, near or far & would live in it if I had to. I even have my lunch in it sometimes @ work. I was a late bloomer as far as getting my license & got really tired of depending on people to get me around (& yes, taking the TTC) so the pride I feel for why I got my car & how ($10,000 down, only $700 to go) is still there & prob always will be. To say I hate the TTC is pretty accurate, let me count the ways... like I said, there's the time issue; I guess you're just lucky; it was seldom on time for me & waiting outside in the cold, wind, snow & rain is never fun. There were times I wasn't able to get on the bus due to school kids & had to wait for a 2nd or even 3rd bus! Bad odours, filth/germs, fighting for a seat, having to stand & crazy/miserable drivers are other things. I'm sure there are more. I was on a bus once that got hit from behind by a man on his cell phone! & I was standing! Surprise surprise. Dangerous. I always thought the TTC should have seat-belts; what? are all those people they pack on like sardines supposed to break your fall? There are pros & cons w/ any method of transportation but a seat is always reserved for you in your own car. :)

March 16, 2007 @ 4:50 PM

Mike Boon

I rarely get a seat during rush hour, but I don't mind standing.

Do you drive downtown?

March 16, 2007 @ 5:02 PM


You don't mind brushing/being pressed up against strangers, pushed, pulled & having to hold on for dear life for the duration of your journey?!

I don't & wouldn't work downtown again (took the TTC when I did!) but will drive downtown for anything else, yes. It's crazy, but I still prefer it to the TTC & I always get a seat during rush hour. ;)

March 16, 2007 @ 6:36 PM

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