The Grey's Anatomy Blitz

tvI don't want a lot of television, but sometimes I get exposed to a show because my wife is watching it. This happened recently with Grey's Anatomy.

Taryn had heard good things so she rented season one on DVD and blitzed it. I caught about half the episodes, got to know the characters and started enjoying the musical sequences. I joked that Grey's Anatomy is Dawson's Creek if they all became doctors.

Taryn then rented season two, and this time I asked to be included in the viewings. I think I missed two or three episodes, but otherwise I caught all of the second season. It's a show I don't think I'd follow with the old appointment viewing style, but throw on an episode every night before bed time and I don't mind it one bit. Bring on McDreamy and McSteamy and Robin and whoever else wants a piece of Doc Grey. Hell, I always wondered what would happen if the kids from Dawson's Creek became Seattle doctors.

We just saw the season's finale, so it'll be a while before we're blitzing Grey's Anatomy again. I think Taryn knows I'm digging Izzie, but I'm pretty sure she's into Doctor Shepherd so it's all good.

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