Senators and Sabres Fisticuffs

hockeyI know there are people who staunchly believe fighting should be banned from hockey, but sometimes the fights are the most exciting part of the game. They don't fight like they used to, but when they do go at it the fans are on their feet and nobody turns the channel.

Last night, while the Leafs were taking on the Islanders, our divisional fiends from Ottawa were in Buffalo and a old time brawl erupted. Ray Emery took on Martin Biron before going with Andrew Peters, Anton Volchenkov fought Adam Mair, even the coaches looked like they wanted to go.

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Buffalo Boy

Hey I saw your post but you didnt say what you thought
of the hit. I hear the Ottawa point of view I even
listened to our broadcasters (Kevin Sylvester, Mike
Robitaile, and RAzor) argue last night with the
reporter from Ottawa, However I have not yet heard A
Much Respected Toronto Point of view. ME personally,
After watching it over and over again because Drury is
my favorite player...And AsIm sure you do I hate Chris
Neil..hes a cheap shot artist who has and always will
go out of his way to get the last shot in...I thought
that Neil had the chance to pull up but didnt. They
were talking about how there was ONLY .44 seconds or
something ...well in Hockey .44 seconds is an eternity
and for a guy like Neil when hes lining you up he
knows exactly what his intent is going to be and in
this case he was going to flatten Drury, who did not
have his head down and did not have the puck. Which
makes it interference which makes it a dirty hit. He
clearly hit drury after the shot was taken and if you
look at it he had plenty of time to skate away from
the hit.
IT makes me so mad that things like this happen in
this league. Which is why I am more and more a FAn of
MY team but not of the league. Screw Bettman and Colin
Campbell if they cant get this called right and I
applaud our owner for writing the letter that he did.
I think you see something here that is rarely seen,
The players stuck up for their captain, the coach
stuck up for the players, the GM and the Owner then
went and supported them with the action of writing the
league offices. I cant believe that Lindy was the only
one fined. Since when is a coach allowed to step up on
the boards like Murray was? Murray started the Yapping
and was up on the boards first. Not that Ruff was
innocent, He could have ignored it but It was horrible
that something more didnt get done to the team that
started the crap in the first place.
Thanks for hearing it out!

February 25, 2007 @ 3:54 PM

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