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cdSo I've got this MP3 collection I'm rather proud of. It's quite a few years in the making and it brings joy to my life daily. Lately I've been perfecting the meta data and now it's time to bring in the album covers.

The album cover is the one thing I've missed. When playing Nirvana's In Bloom, it's nice to see that baby going for the cash. It just enriches the whole experience. Using a free tool called MediaMonkey, it's pretty easy to select an album at a time and download the album cover. The trick is to change the options so you save the image to tag. That's key.

At 1232 albums and counting, this isn't a thirty minute task. I've been chipping away at it on weeknights and I'm at albums that start with 'J". If you want specifics on the most efficient way to do this with your collection, ping me. For more boring crap about my collection, go here.

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