Dr. Snuggles, Friend To The Animal World

rewindLast night a song entered my head. That's not unusual, except this was a song that hadn't been in my head for at least 25 years. In fact, at first I didn't know where it came from or whether it was an old memory or something I invented.

I sang it to Taryn, but she didn't know it. The lyrics are "Dr. Snuggles, friend to the animal world." When I closed my eyes, I could see the opening of a television I used to watch when I was very young. I could even see the little tv in the basement of a house I lived in until 1983.

Naturally, I dropped by YouTube to see if anyone was sharing a clip of this Dr. Snuggles opening. As luck would have it, they had it, and I felt so validated. The show existed, I had the words right and I even nailed the tune.

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I watched this too and haven't thought about it in years. It was always a cartoon that seemed a little weird to me. Maybe because my Dad used to make me scared of Dr Who. The cheap spaceships and the MD's match only Dr Snuggles had animals and Dr Who had aluminum foil.

February 1, 2007 @ 6:23 PM


I too used to watch Dr. Snuggles and googled it several years back. There was a site i found about 80's tv shows that had episodes posted as well! It used to come on right around dinner time before something else i used to watch.........

February 1, 2007 @ 7:22 PM

Mike Boon

I remember it was on TVO... I watched a lot of TVO as a little tyke.

February 1, 2007 @ 7:48 PM


This is the same song and kids show that my eldest daughter used to love

February 13, 2007 @ 7:15 AM


An interesting little piece of Dr. Snuggles trivia (to me anyway). Two of the episodes were written by Douglas Adams, the Author of The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy. He also wrote a couple of stories for the Dr. Who TV series. Explains a lot about Dr. Snuggles now doesn't it?

February 22, 2007 @ 9:53 AM


i've been singing this all week, and playing it at the office. your blog just popped up when i googled it. also i work with a girl named taryn.
c r a z y!

March 29, 2007 @ 2:38 AM

Mike Boon

Even crazier is that I have a daughter named Michelle!

March 29, 2007 @ 8:49 AM


I can make out the 40% of the lyrics and I need it for my Japanese kids english classes. Anyone know the whole theme?

April 26, 2007 @ 1:15 AM

R. Bassett Jr.

My God!

I have been trying to put this together for years, but my memory of of me wee years (born in 78) are more like strange dreams then my later memories. Before tonight, I was half convinced that this show was just some strange dream I had, but I could so clearly remember the strange sounds and voices and the rocket ship... I knew it had a rocket ship!

I never would have guessed it was called Dr. Snuggles.

So sureal... Thank you!!

December 19, 2007 @ 9:08 PM


This song popped into my head last night! 18 years after i watched it.

July 31, 2009 @ 7:16 AM

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