Backing Up

mouseI buy very little for myself. Other than a ticket to see the Hip earlier this month, I haven't bought anything for myself in about a year.

When I want something, like The Simpsons on DVD, I wait for my June birthday or Christmas and request it as a gift. My MP3 player was a birthday gift and my digital camera was a birthday gift. Otherwise, I don't need much. Today, however, I bought myself a little something. I picked up a 250GB portable hard drive from Future Shop.

My MP3 collection is about 100GB in size, and I've been backing it up on DVDs. That's a lot of DVDs, and one serious pain in the ass. With my new portable hard drive it was easy to back up the entire collection, as well as my digital pictures, files and other important bits and bytes.

It was worth every penny of the $119 it cost me. You can't put a price on peace of mind.

My Portable Hard Drive

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