Anna Molly Is A Megalomaniac

musicI'm have the same reaction to Incubus' "Anna Molly" that I had to their 2003 single "Megalomaniac". Allow me to explain.

I was fairly indifferent to both songs when I first heard them. They sounded okay, but nothing special. Then, after a certain number of listens, because 102.1 plays the crap out of both, I started to dig it.

The thing is, I don't just like these tunes, I start to love them. I sing along, I crave their sound, I get happy when they're played. I become addicted.

With "Megalomaniac", this infatuation was closely followed by fatigue and I just got sick of it. I'm certain I'll have the same response to "Anna Molly" soon, but not yet. I'm still digging it the most.

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Haha nice entry, if I listened to the radio more I'd probably agree. You need to round out your Incubus experience by hearing the whole CD, Light Grenades is very much like a tale of 12.5 songs...

January 19, 2007 @ 3:17 AM

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